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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014     Views: 64 and  are the two places that most likely

would have USJFC Report 03-10,  "Unmanned Effects: Taking the Human out of

the Loop" and as you stated in your request, the Joint site is no longer

working.  Unfortunately  I couldn't find the report at DTIC.


As a civilian without a sponsor, I am not authorized to open a Joint Staff

account, but you may be eligible.  The first link (JFC) will take you to the

links that remain in the wake of the disestablishment of the Joint Forces

Command. You may be able to establish an account and search their site.   I

emailed them requesting the pub you seek, but have no idea how long it will

take to receive a response.  I also don't know how time sensitive your

request is.


I scoured DTIC (second link) and could not find the pub. I did find other

reports and student papers that might be of interest.  I searched terms such

as UAV, unmanned, drones, remotely piloted vehicles, and robotics. 


 The Federation of American Scientist (FAS) has a Military

Analysis Network that offers an abundance of reports on replacing human

operators with advanced technology.  It may be worthwhile to explore their

database and publication list.


Google searching yielded a number to reports from MIT, Hoover, and Army War



Sorry I couldn't find the exact report you are seeking.  I will contact you

if and when  I hear from JFC.


Is there something else I might help you find?


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