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You might want to make reference to the 1995 National Highway Systems Designation Act (PL 104-59) and other legislation found in the text and footnotes of the following document: Freight Transportation Infrastructure Policies in Canada, Mexico & the US: An Overview and Analysis Stephen Blank, Graham Parsons, Juan Carlos Villa, March 2008 Paper 5 Mar 2008.pdf Legislation (public laws) can be found full-text in ProQuest Congressional database. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous ideas/ documents: Search the Europa database and select Mexico and then choose the link to Economy. Search the Country Watch database. In search box, type: mexico and infrastructure Search the Homeland Security Digital Library database. It would seem that the Latin America Intelligence Service database would be a goldmine of information, but I didn't have much success searching it. Perhaps you will be luckier. NAFTA Superhighway: Background, August 1, 2007 Executive Order 2008-08: Governor's CANAMEX Task Force (Continuing and Amending Executive Order 2001-05) Have you done an advanced Google search selecting keywords in the title of the page? If you need guidance on how to do this, look for me or any of the reference librarians. Ask me or another reference librarian about searching the database. Don't forget about Jane's Railways (book) and the Jane's online database.

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